What is CGEM?

CGEM stands for community governed economic model made up of community coin DHC and governance coin DHG.

What is DHC & DHG?

DHC is the community utility coin and currency for DeltaHub Capital Community. DHG is the community governance coin that can be mined by staking DHC

What is DHC token contract address?

Where we can buy DHC token?

DHC token can be bought at Uniswap. Uniswap address is https://uniswap.info/token/0x152687bc4a7fcc89049cf119f9ac3e5acf2ee7ef

How much is the total supply of both coins and is it fixed?

Yes supply is hard-coded and fixed at 10,000,000 DHC and 100,000 DHG. There will never be more coins.

How much is the hardcap and total raise?

Private sale hardcap was $1M. There was no seed or public sale so total raise is $1M.

How many community tiers are there in discord server?

There are three tiers i.e. Early backers with top 100 slots with above 10000 DHC holding, Believers with min 10000 DHC holding and Hodlers with min 5000 DHC holding. Guest need to hold 100 DHC for being part of community but they cannot contribute in fund raising.

How frequently balance will be checked and can I lose my early backer spot?

There is no fixed frequency as it is randomly checked by bot. This is by design to avoid any time-based pump and dump. You can lose your early backer spot every time when bot refreshes the early backers cut off by checking 104th position on etherscan DHC holders lists and if you are not part of that list your tier will be updated accordingly. https://etherscan.io/token/0x152687bc4a7fcc89049cf119f9ac3e5acf2ee7ef#balances

What about bear market? How DHC model will work?

Bear market will come. Before that, you can use DHC to get the most of the deals flow. You can keep mining DHG using DHC, Trade DHC, keep it using for community incentives/tips and propose a lot more use cases with governance model. Bull markets begets bear markets that begets bull and so on. Embrace the uncertainty and get prepared!

Was there any airdrop?

Yes. 100 DHC were air dropped to 1000 existing members so that they will remain part of Guest tier. After 1000 members, air dropped is closed. All existing and upcoming members need to hold minimum 100 DHC to get basic access.

What is Basic Access?

Basic access is limited to announcements and general discussion. It doesn't provide access to deals flow or other sensitive information.

Is there a buy back and token burn plan?

Yes. Every quarter DeltaHub Capital will buy back 10000 DHC from open market using a mix of DHG and USDT. 5000 DHC will be burned and 5000 DHC will be used for developer grant program.

Is there any social aspect of DHC?

You mean like a CSR effort or for community development. Yes, every quarter DeltaHub capital will buy back 5000 DHC from open market and will give them as a grant to talented developers to work on exciting new ideas and help DHC community in the long run. Moreover, the value capture mechanism will bring value to all DHC holders directly having a social impact with the success of DHC. This is a win-win situation for all of us.

What DHC will be used for?

A detailed description can be found in pitch deck but main use cases are tier access, rebate, incentives for research and tips within community for each other, OTC collateral, security shield against misconduct and much more.

What DHG will be used for?

Again, a detailed description can be found in pitch deck but main use cases are proposal, voting, buyback currency for burn, buyback currency for developer grants and much more.

Will staking be available?

Yes. DHG can only be mined by staking DHC. Details can be found in the pitch deck.

Is there any other way to get DHC & DHG without buying them?

Yes. 100 DHC as an initial airdrop were given to early 1000 members. Later on members can tip each other, if you are developer you can apply for DHC grant. If you can do research work, medium articles, some community work you can contact us and DHC will be given as reward depending upon quality and quantity of work.
DHG is scarcer than DHC by design and can only be mined. There is only one other way to earn it by helping DHC & DHG listing on exchanges. Details can be found in pitch deck.

What if community like to propose some changes?

Yes. Community can do it once enough DHG are mined and governance system starts working by submitting proposals, voting on them or use council rights. Founder reserve will be dissolved anyway over time so it is all up to you then. Details can be found in pitch deck.
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